Why you should choose Water Polo for your kids

I’m often asked why I love water polo so much. I’ve been teaching it for decades now, and I still enjoy it as much as I did when I first started many years ago.


Water Polo is great for staying fit and healthy

Parents of their kids often ask me; how do you stay so lean?! And I say.. Water Polo!

Water polo is one of the best sports for staying fit and healthy. This is because kids spend a lot of time in the water doing the ‘eggbeater’. If you’re curious about the eggbeater, it’s essentially a technique where you learn to tread water super effectively. Here’s an awesome video that helps explain how the eggbeater works well.

The eggbeater is great for your cardiovascular system, as it burns many more calories than you would burn walking or even other exercises, like cycling.

If you’re looking for an exercise that helps to strengthen the thighs and help burn some calories, then water polo would be an awesome option.

Children with a fear of water

In my decades of experiences, I’ve come across many children that have a fear of water. This is a pretty common fear for young children to have, and something that you should undoubtedly be concerned about. What about if your child falls into water unexpectedly? Kids seem to love to push each other into the water, for some reason.

Fortunately, if you get the right water polo instructor, then you can slowly integrate your child into swimming and feeling comfortable in the water. This can take as long as a few months, but often children’s fears are easier to conquer if you nip them in the bud quickly and efficiently.

Playing team sports

It’s no secret that playing a team sport is awesome for your kids and have tons of benefits for them to enjoy. You should try and encourage your child to play team sports at a young age – encourage, not force – to help them learn the difference between winning, losing and taking part. Your childs work ethic starts as a child, and develops throughout their adolescence. So, this is something that you might want to consider.

There’s real opportunity

Unlike other sports like NBA where the qualitifcation processes are one in a million, there are actual opportunities for your child to progress at water polo. Whilst it is a competitive sport, there just isn’t the same amount of players as there are in more popular sports. This gives your child a good opportunity to get a scholarship through playing water polo.